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Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. J. Charuk

Dr. L. Fliegel

Dr. A. Breier

Dr. K. Famulski

Dr. R. Milner

Dr. K. Burns

Dr. M. Waser

Dr. S. Fu

Dr. N. Mesaeli

Dr. Kimitoshi Nakamura

Dr. Kyoko Nakamura

Dr. A. Zuppini

Dr. R. Knee

Dr. L. Guo

Dr. B. Knoblach

Dr. K. Bedard

Dr. R. Evans

Dr. P. Gelebart

Dr. V. Martin

Dr. S. Steiner

Dr. Hao-Dong Li

Dr. Wen-Xin Liu

Dr. Dukgyu Lee

Dr. E. Dudek

Dr. J. Jung

Dr. W. Li




1986-1987 - Larial, Chief Scientist and Owner

1987-1989 - Professor, Departments of Biochemistry, University of Alberta

1992-1993 - Professor, Department of Physiology, Director, Research Institute, University of Bratislava

1991-1992 - Faculty Service Officer, Department of Lab. Med. & Pathology, University of Alberta

1989-1993 - Faculty Service Officer, Teaching Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Alberta

1994-1995 - Amgen, Thousand Oaks California



1994-1999 - Professor, Weill Cornell Medical Collage in Qatar

1996-2000 - Professor & Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University School of Medicine, Kumamoto, Japan

1998-2000 - Clinician, Department of Pediatrics, University School of Medicine, Kumamoto, Japan

2000-2001 - Servizio Tecnico-Scientifico - Research, development and scientific training at C&G, Italy


1999-2003 - Senior Scientist, FDA/National Centre for Toxicological Research, Jefferson, Arkansas, USA

2001-2003 - Research Associate, University of Alberta

2003-2004 - Professor, Department of Pharmacology/Pathology, Dalhousie University

2003-2005 - Research Associate, Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta



2005-2007 - Head Compliance Stein Steriles at Novartis

2006-2010 - Scientist, Children's Medical Center Dallas



2011-2016 - Research Scientist, Industry

2011-2017 - Clinical Biochemist, Vancouver General Hospital

2019-2021 - Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Graduate Students


C. Shemanko           

K. Burns                    

S. Baksh                   

C. Andrin                   

J. Hance                    

E. Corbett                  

I. Ahsan                     

J. Lynch                     

J. Groenendyk           

Y. Qiu                        

H. Coe                       

A. Janowicz                

A. Kraus                     

J. Jung

D. Prins

H. Vega

W-A. Wang

Q. Wang

T. Paskevicius                    


1993  MSc degree - Professor, University of Calgary

1994  PhD degree - Amgen, Thousand Oaks California

1995  PhD degree 

1998  PhD degree 

1998  MSc degree -Technologist, University of Calgary

2001  PhD degree - Manager, Business Development and Research, Ontario Genomics Institute 

2001  MSc degree

2004  PhD degree - Investigator II at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

2006  PhD degree - Research Associate, University of Alberta

2008  PhD degree 

2010  PhD degree - CIHR Institute of Circulatory & Respiratory Health

2010  MSc degree -Technologist, University of Alberta

2011  PhD degree - Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

2011  PhD degree - Clinical Biochemist, Vancouver General Hospital

2015  PhD degree - Fellow, Cambridge University, UK

2018  MSc degree - Technologist, University of Alberta

2018  PhD degree - Project Scientist,  Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

2020  PhD degree - Clinical Biochemistry Fellow, Mayo Clinic, Rochester

2022  PhD degree - Senior Research Scientist, Future Fields Cellular Agriculture and Research Ltd.

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