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Recent Publications

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Science Signalling 2014

Interplay Between the Oxidoreductase PDIA6 and microRNA-322 Controls the Response to Disrupted Endoplasmic Reticulum Homeostasis 

Groenendyk J, Peng Z, Dudek E, Fan X, Mizianty MJ, Dufey E, Urra H, Sepulveda D, Rojas-Rivera D, Lim Y, Kim DH, Baretta K, Srikanth S, Gwack Y, Ahnn J, Kaufman RJ, Lee SK, Hetz C, Kurgan L, Michalak M


Can be read here

Can J Physiol Pharmacol 2012

The endoplasmic reticulum in cardiovascular health and disease

Millott R, Dudek E, Michalak M








Can be read here.

FASEB J. 2020

The Fabp5/calnexin complex is a prerequisite for sensitization of mice to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

Paskevicius T, Jung J, Pujol M, Eggleton P, Qin W, Robinson A, Gutowski N, Holley J, Smallwood M, Newcombe J, Zochodne D, Chen X.-Z, Tang J, Kraus A, Michalak M, Agellon LB

Can be read here

Cells 2023

Calnexin, more than just a chaperone

Paskevicius, T., Farraj, R.A., Michalak, M. and Agellon, L.B.

Can be read here

Cell Calcium 2020

Calsequestrin. Structure, function and evolution.

Wang Q, Michalak M


Can be read here

PLoS ONE 2020

Selective enhancement of cardiomyocyte metabolic efficiency results in a pernicious heart condition.

Groenendyk J, Wang Q, Wagg C, Lee D, Ribinson A, Banga S, Barr A, Light P, Lopaschuk GL, Agellon LB, Michalak M


Can be read here

Frontiers Cell Dev. Biol. 2022

Loss of the fructose transporter SLC2A5 inhibits cancer cell migration

Groenendyk, J., Stoletov, K., Paskevicius, T., Li, W., Dai, N., Pujol, M., Busaan, E., Ng, H.H., Boukouris, A.E., Saleme, B., Haromy, A., Cui, K., Hu, M., Yan, Y., Zhang, R., Michelakis, E., Chen, X-Z., Lewis, J.D., Tang, J., Agellon, L.B. and Michalak, M.


Can be read here

Cell Calcium 2023

Interplay between Ca2+ and endoplasmic reticulum stress.

 Groenendyk J, Michalak M

Can be read here

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